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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disneyland - NEVER too old!


Monday morning we took off early to get in line for the craziness!  It was a little chilly and the weather prediction was rain.  We figured the other people would stay at home.   HA!!!

Eliza & Emmet are ready!

 It only took about 20 minutes from our condo through the parking lot area and to the gates.

What a sight - to see the castle!
1st ride - Peter Pan's Flight, but 45 minutes later - it breaks down and we have to explain to the kids that we are going to go to the Carousel instead.

Sam's sister, Becca, is the most disappointed of all.

Eliza's favorite ride for the whole week!
 ....and here comes the rain!!!
Carlene has provided us all with ponchos

Let's shoot them, ok Emmet?

 While the adults took turns riding the "big kid" rides, I got to take the kids on a safari.
Looks real to me!
 We all met up and we took everyone on the safari this time!
AUUGHH!   The alligator is scary with his big mouth!

Looks like they are having a ball!

Winnie the Pooh ride ??

Such intense concentration!

We are definitely WET!

It's been a L-O-N-G day!

Brotherly/Sisterly love!

Funny   Daddy!

The famous Dumbo ride

What an awesome day - can't wait to come back!

The kids are worn out, but they really had fun!

Tomorrow we head to California Adventure-

The Happiest Place on Earth

DAYS 1 & 2 - 

Arrival & The Sabbath Day

Mickey's Magical Getaway was a condo next to Disneyland  that Carlene had booked nearly a year ago. 

  We all loved it!  Here are some photos of the two bathrooms..

 DAY 1 -

I was coming from San Diego, so I arrived first, then took a couple of pix when the kids came.  They were so excited!!  I think we ALL were!
Hi Grandma - Are you up in our bedroom??

Here is who greeted us at the doorway! 

These are gift bags left on our beds by the owners!

The two outfits are from me (Grandma)

 After settling in and walking around, we took a dip in the pool.  The regular pool was quite chilly, but we had fun in the hot tub - it was quite large!  Sam is all smiles!!  They left with lots of snow on the ground so the weather is PERFECT here in Anaheim!

So is Grandma Shari!

Every morning, the kids woke up to gifts from me.  They were especially suited for our week-long vacation in Disneyland and California Dreamin' - DAY 1 was two gifts each....shirts and cute little backpacks which you'll see in photos to come.

Emmet is excited about is light saber which was in his goodie bag.

Look-alike night shirts for Carlene and them!!
Mickey is almost as big as Emmet - maybe BIGGER!!!
The kids loved dressing up with characters in their bedroom.
DAY 2 - 
Sunday breakfast on our new gifts - Mickey and Minne plates and bowls!

Off to church we go!
FAMILY PORTRAITS amongst beautiful palm trees and flowers!


LOVE eating with Grandma!
Eliza looks so cute in her new Minnie outfit and Grandma is having fun with her Minnie jacket.

Posing on our front doorstep.

Carlene has a matching Minnie jacket and what do you think of Emmet's t-shirt??

Emmet won't put his backpack down - aren't these two cute??
To the park we go -
it's part of the condo complex, so it's really close!

Ahoy matie!!  Calling all kids to go to Disneyland TOMORROW!

Remember how you pulled  the emergency button?   UH-OH!
Off for a walk to Disneyland to see how long it takes

Miss Belle - will you dance with me?
Lego store is so cool!

Beautiful gardens and scenery!

Everyone is happy here!!

There are the gates that we'll go through tomorrow!

Can you find Mickey??
Eliza and Emmet get to pick one thing to buy during the week. Eliza is already dreaming about a Build-a-Bear Cinderella Bear!

What could Emmet possibly want? 

"Dress-up time everyone!!    Which princess am I?"

Right!  I am Rapunzel - Adorable!

Play-time on Grandma's bed!

I see two sleepy little ones who REALLY want to sleep on Grandma's bed!

Stay tuned for our first day in Disneyland -
we are all so very excited!!!!