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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 23 - Maybe You've Heard of the Acropolis?

April 11 The Big City of Athens

We've heard about this city all of our lives, but we're actually here and going back in time!
 First, our new CS host, Stefanos, fed us some breakfast- then we were off to explore Athens and go to the Acropolis and the Pantheon.
Eggs, ham, and cheese, tea, and a sweet bread starts our day!

Some Greek school kids come up to me  and just start talking to me in English
 The Theater of Donysus is our first destination

Notice the fancy seats in front for all the dignitaries.

Just think of all the ancient feet that walked on these same rocks we're walking on!

Ancient Agora ruins

The Greek Flag
The 5 previous pictures were of the Ancient Agora.  It was so interesting walking through the market place and imagining what it must have been like years ago.

 Into the building with all the famous statues and where they used to meet in a kind of parliament meeting.

Which one is Alexander the Great?

OK?  So I'll stare you down and WIN!
Time for a trip to the city of Athens
Grafiti on the wall and on the train as the ancient Acropolis overlooks the city.

YUM!  "Ripe Strawberries...Ripe!"

I'm so sad and embarrassed.  I have no flowers or fruit on my tree!

Come on over!  I can share!

Come to "Yasemi" for a wonderful LUNCH!!  Eggs and a kind of quiche!  Greeks names for it later!

The BEST Pineapple Pudding cake!!

We've been invited to the Birthday Party of Georgia...a Univ. of Athens student sitting next to us!
This was a GREAT bunch of students - we had fun with them at their party!

We're always lost.  these girls help us to find our way.

Posing with our new friend, our waitress!

Entrance into this posch restaurant

TONS of young people flock to this hilltop place for cafe and tea every day.

One mode of transportation in the city.

LOTS of grafitti in Athens all over the city

I'll keep a watchout - ok guys?  So hurry and get your drink!
 Last excursion for the day...the National Gardens -so beautiful!!
Entrance into the old gardens

A VERY cool tree!

Lots and lots of turtles in the pond
HEY!  My watch is totally in sync with this ancient sun dial.

Dried candied fruit in a market in the train station - treat before bed!