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Saturday, February 16, 2013

30 days til ISTANBUL!

Packing and planning and posting and praying that we'll find some renters for our home.  This will help pay for our trip. Priding ourselves in living in this beautiful 4 level home will be hard to leave.  We've been here 10 years already. on to new adventures:  Europe trip for 7 months, then finishing our new home in Woodville (15 minutes from Idaho Falls).  We are excited for the challenges that lay ahead.  BUT...we will REALLY miss our family and grandchildren.  Hopefully we can stay in touch with this blog, email, facebook, and skype.

We have many couch surf hosts already lined up, especially in Turkey and Greece.  Hosts do not like to accept surfers more than 2 months out.  We've also been in touch with some distant cousins in Sweden which we're really excited to visit.  We found some information on Rich's great great (many greats) grandfather - Louis Hebert - so we'll be going to Paris to find out more about him.

Please take time to drop a note here or email or facebook to let us know how you are and if you have any suggestions for what we should see.  We will try and post nearly every day, so you can keep up with all that we'll be seeing and doing.  they won't be long posts, so as not to make you bored.  :)
 Love you all!!