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Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Ya Gotta Go to the Bathroom!"

Photos From 30 European Countries

            Amsterdam  - THE NETHERLANDS
Anne Frank Bathroom - Amsterdam

Reminds me of the beautiful Delft China
This is the actual toilet that was in the "Secret Annex", located behind the bookshelf at Anne's father's workplace. It was not used during the regular business hours in the daytime for fear someone might hear them.  8 people shared the bathroom, but there was no bathtub. 

Birkenau, POLAND

A common toilet area close to Auschwitz - I can't even imagine!

A beautiful toilet on an Austrian bus ride.

Women's Bathroom in Catalan language
Barcelona, SPAIN
Women's toilets have two seats - one to wash your bum....
For the men - from "Pride and Prejudice"

For the women
?? - Mystery Bathrooms
I didn't label this one - at one of our host's homes.

On a train somewhere in the Balkan countries

Most of the toilets had a large and a small button to flush depending on....well, you know what!

Aren't these two doors funny?  No mixing up which one to go into here!

Bran Castle, ROMANIA

Pretty much everyone in Europe knows what a "toilette" is so it translates into any language.

This was a nice clean toilette on a British train ride
 Budapest, HUNGARY

We went to an old Jewish ghetto area in the Jewish Quarters of Budapest.  There has been a revitalization with some posh new bars being built.  Our host took us to one where the bathrooms were so cool....

...well - interesting anyway!

A bathroom from a flat that our host won in a poker game.
Copenhagen, DENMARK

Island of Mon, DENMARK

 Such a great mural on each bathroom.


Most all of the bathrooms had someone there collecting money to be able to use them.  Most countries were equivalent of about 50 cents, but some more expensive.

John Maskelyn, an English stage magician,
invented the pay toilet in the late 19th century. His door lock for London toilets required the insertion of a penny coin to operate it, hence the saying - to "spend a penny".


    Paris, in particular, established many of them, and today the streets of the city are forested with self-cleaning coin-operated booths.

    The first pay toilet in the United States was installed in 1910 in Indiana, but in the 1970s, pay toilets came under attack in the United States, from feminists as well as the plumbing industry.
     The argument was that they discriminated against women because men could use urinals for free whereas women always had to pay a dime for a toilet stall in places where payment was required.

  By 1980, most all of the pay toilets in the USA were banned.


I love this sign in Germany!
This was our host's bathroom in Hamburg - so very nice!


 We loved flying into London and going to FREE toilets and they were so classy!  It was a fresh change after being in the Balkan countries.

Dubrovnik, CROATIA

There were two bathrooms that we could use in a hostel-type of situation...very clean & nice!
Vicenza, ITALY

One of the nicest bathrooms on our trip - at our host's home.
Florence, ITALY

Remember what the toilet/basin was for?


I had a visit from our host's pet gecko as I tried to use her "squattie potty."
Antalya, TURKEY

Which one do I go into?

YEAH - we found a "normal" toilet in Turkey, also!

These were the most prevalent kind and I got used to it - actually pretty efficient!

Some more cute little kids on the doors.  They're even color-coded!

An ancient Greek potty chair for toddlers.


Irish Pub Antique Toddler Toilet


                                       Lucerne, SWITZERLAND



....and the WINNER of the teeniest bathroom EVER is....


Is this really possible?

 Salzburg, AUSTRIA

 MOZART bathrooms at his Geburstag Haus.

 We went to an awesome zoo in Salzburg where there were MANY bathrooms and I just had to take photos of all their doors.  ENJOY!


 Queen's Day - Several Million People were there, so bathroom facilities were limited.
With all the drinking, the men used these kind of toilets.

Women, on the other hand had to wait in long lines for these kind of toilets.
Quite a small bathroom with an interesting shower. LOTS of European baths are like this.

 Barcelona, PORTUGAL



Nafplio, GREECE
This was our wonderful bathroom
 We had a Pension private room given to us by our host and it was WONDERFUL!  Private, clean, and very romantic!

 Lisse, Netherlands

You need to use the little mop every time you take a shower or the whole bathroom gets flooded.